metallic oxide

metallic oxide
chemical compound

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • metallic glaze — noun : a glaze with a metallic film on its surface formed as a result of the reduction of a metallic oxide by the kiln fire …   Useful english dictionary

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  • Oxide — Oxides, such as iron(III) oxide or rust, which consists of hydrated iron(III) oxides Fe2O3·nH2O and iron(III) oxide hydroxide (FeO(OH), Fe(OH)3), form when oxygen combines with other elements An oxide ( …   Wikipedia

  • Oxide thin film transistor — An oxide thin film Transistor (TFT) is a particular kind of field effect transistor made by depositing thin films of a semiconductor active layer as well as the dielectric layer and metallic contacts over a supporting substrate. The principal… …   Wikipedia

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  • metallic paint — noun 1. : a paint in which the pigment is chiefly iron oxide and which is used for painting metal surfaces 2. : a paint in which the pigment is a metal (as bronze powder) …   Useful english dictionary

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